For Health And Wellness Professionals                   Who Want  More Revenue

Do You Feel That Your Business Is Like A        Revolving Door Where Clients Visit                   Once Or Twice, Then Vanish                  Never To Be Seen Again?

If you are struggling to get new business, or you struggle to keep your clients coming back, you are going to love what I’m about to share with you because

I’m Going To Introduce You To . . .

A Revolutionary New Tool That Draws

New Clients To Your Business Like A

Magnet – And Keeps Them Coming Back

Without Adding Additional Stress And

Frustration To Your Life

Chiro photoI’m a Chiropractor and have been running my own clinic for 9 years now. This new tool has been a game changer for me.
I’ve been able to increase my fees – in fact, I’ve had to – just to control numbers as this system has given me all the customers I need.
The best thing is that this tool motivates my clients to take IMMEDIATE ACTION on my advice.
They continue to visit and NEVER cancel their appointments because I can PROVE that my treatments and products work!
I would recommend this awesome system to anyone who really cares about their client’s health and who wants to increase their business.    Peter Dawson – Chiropractor – USA   

And just for reading I am going to give you some powerful marketing tips that are critical to your business success. People normally pay me thousands of dollars to coach them on these strategies. So you want to make sure you read to the end.

But first I need to let you know that this page may not be on line for much longer, as I need to limit my own client intake so I can service everyone properly. So read this now, while it’s still available.

Now, we both know how hard it is for you to get new clients, let alone keeping them coming back. But you are not alone because it’s the #1 problem all healthcare professionals face.

The simple fact is: people only want to see you when something is wrong. I’m sure you have noticed this.

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar To You?

Someone comes to you with their health problem - You listen to them carefully and you examine them. It’s blazingly obvious to you that this is just a symptom of an underlying issue that needs ongoing attention.

You of course help them with their immediate symptoms. And then watch them nod along as you tell them about the root cause and ask them to make changes in their diet or lifestyle to properly address it. They smile, they promise to do as you suggest and to come back. Then they vanish like ghosts never to be seen again.

Of Course, You Know The Reason

They don’t come back because they feel just fine now and think that you are great but they don’t want to make the inconvenient changes necessary to make a real difference to their long term health.

Deep down they know that their long-term health is threatened by their lifestyle. But it’s something that can wait and they will just deal with the symptoms again if they should re-occur – possibly with another health care professional as they will have forgotten about you by then.

This New Tool Solves That Problem

Because it takes your client from an attitude of critical care where they only come in when they are suffering a health issue, to a desire for maintenance care where they routinely come in for your assistance in improving their long term health and motivates them to take immediate action.

Even more importantly, they will want to return to you, and to no–one else.

This exclusive new tool and system is designed especially for health professionals like you who want a continuous stream of long term clients for their products and services.

It does not matter what health modality you practice. It does not matter what your present situation is or what the economy is doing or where you live. This tool will still work for you.

In fact it works especially well when the competition is intense or even when everything else you’ve tried has failed, and can create double – digit growth every year, no matter what the economy is doing.

But The Thing Is

This new tool won’t work for everybody – However if you fit these criteria, the results will exceed your wildest expectations.

The ideal user of this tool got into their profession to make a difference in the lives of people – not primarily for the money.

Sure we all want money but that’s not what made us shiny eyed when we got into our industry.

He or she provides products and services that truly help their clients become healthier and stronger and they consider honesty and integrity more important than how much cash they can make.

Make No Mistake Though

This tool can help make your business extremely successful, but only if you are really helping your clients. So if your products and services do not improve the health of your clients this is not the tool for you. But if you fit the requirements I’ve listed – the results can be utterly astounding – and you will understand why shortly. . .

So Pay Close Attention

This new tool has produced extraordinary results for health and wellness professionals that have used it.

For example, master personal trainer Ali Nafeh used this tool to grow his business  by 297 % in just 60 days – and you can too.  Ali

Another health professional – weight loss studio owner and registered emergency nurse Ana Vrdoljak used this tool to double her weight loss client base and skyrocketed her nutritional supplement sales by     823% in just 97 days.

And I’ll show you exactly how you can do that for your business too…


But first, let me introduce myself…   How to get rich cover

My name is Rita Micallef.

I’m a health and wellness business coach and author of the best selling business book  “How To Get Rich In The New Economy

I’ve become known for creating built-for-you, easy-to-use, complete how-to systems that actually work.

For years I’ve worked in the health and wellness industry, and have developed a large international nutritional business, but it was a constant struggle acquiring and especially keeping clients.

I found that getting people interested in their long-term health was nearly impossible, because everyone wants a one-day miracle pill. As good as the products were, clients would typically only stay on them for a month or two.

And because of the nature of my business, I spent thousands of hours working “in the trenches” with hundreds of health practitioners just like you, which allowed me to see a pattern – which was that most struggled to get new clients and spent fortunes on marketing and advertising to acquire them.

But even those that had plenty of clients were struggling to keep them long term, which meant their advertising expenses never reduced.

Time And Again, I Would See The Very Same Problem

It didn’t matter if they were naturopaths, if they were fitness coaches, if they were working in homeopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic or if they were medical doctors.

They all had exactly the same issue.

People Would Come In For Treatment Until Their Immediate Symptoms Were Relieved and Then They Would Vanish  Often Never To Be Seen Again!

I don’t know about you, but I personally tried everything in the last 17 years to get new clients and keep them coming back, but nothing seemed to work long term and I was constantly stressed about my business. Dr and Patient 2

So, you will understand when I tell you I was frustrated and disillusioned with the health and wellness industry.

Then one day in 2010 I finally cracked when a dear friend called. She was a naturopath and phoned to say she was losing her business and her home.

I won’t go into the full details here, but I will tell you that the underlying reason is the same one that seems to plague us all.

Most clients would only come to see her once or twice before they thought they were “fixed”. So a large percentage of her money went into marketing and advertising trying to find new ones.

This was in the same month that a chiropractic friend literally moved into a tent on a friend’s farm in a desperate effort to cut costs to save his business.

Yet, You Know What?

Those two incidents caused my entire life to change because I vowed that I would search the world for the best way for health professionals like you to get new clients, quickly, efficiently and effectively and keep them coming back for your products and services.  Solution

I was determined to find a solution and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

After many, many months of searching and prying I eventually stumbled across a solution, that enabled me to flood my business with an endless supply of leads and loyal clients who wanted what I had to offer.

This exciting new tool is completely different to anything I had ever seen before, and it had me so excited that I could barely sleep for a week.

I felt sure that I had reached a turning point, and finally understood that I hadn’t been lacking in skills, dedication or commitment, but simply did not have the necessary tools and systems to do it correctly.

Once you understand what this new tool does, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity and power of how it acts like a magnet to get people through your front door and keeps them coming back for your products and services.

What An Amazing Feeling – I Had Found The Dream Tool!

And my life has not been the same since.

Let me assure you that I’m not some super- intelligent wonder woman, just a very determined one.

I am really a lot like you. An ordinary person who had the very same issues you are experiencing today in building your business.

In fact I have experienced the challenges you face every single day – The information you have to keep up with, the stresses of dealing with staff.

The unending cycle of finding new clients, and getting clients to say yes to your recommendations, meeting payroll even if you have had a shocking month and all the other struggles you have to put up with on a daily basis.

I’ll Share My Exciting Discovery With You In Just A Moment

But first you a need to hear some truths that may have been hidden from you.

The underlying reason you may be struggling with your business today – and it will surprise you, because it’s the one thing that’s been holding you back from having a profitable and successful business. Struggle

It’s the reason why so many health professionals like you are struggling to survive, the real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to about some critical issues for years and these lies are keeping you from having the business you desire and deserve.

One of these lies is that for you to attract new clients you have to cut your prices. I bet you’ve heard that or maybe even done that in your business; yet…This is not even close to the truth.

If you are one of the thousands of health professionals who have fallen victim to this lie, then you need to realize what a deadly mistake this is because: if you do not, you will continue down the endless road of financial struggle.

Competing based on price can be devastating to your business both financially and from the point of view of professional credibility.

Further, if your strategy is to win new business by being the cheapest, you only have that advantage until a competitor reduces their price to be less than yours. Everyone loses.

And it’s not sustainable because cutting prices reduces the perceived value of your services and slashes your profit margins, and no matter how strong your business is it will eventually decline.

                            Listen: This Is Not What I Want For You, And I                           Know It’s Not What You Want For Yourself

The reason that you are struggling in your business is not your fault.

If you really want to blame someone blame the discount coupon companies and the media that have bombarded you with advertising offers that never deliver a decent return on your investment.

These people actually depend on your suffering to make money!

All the misinformation out there that the coupon companies and media love to exploit is enough to confuse anyone.

It confused me for years.

Business and marketing expert Jack Trout in his book “Differentiate or Die” says…“cutting your prices will eventually diminish the value of your business”…

The truth is – you should never, ever cut your prices, even for a few days.


Because what you are doing is making price the main consideration for choosing you over your competitors and that’s not a healthy way to build your business for the long term.

The Secret Is To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors By Offering Something That No-One Else Is Providing

Something that gives you the edge over your competitors and makes you the Differentiateexpert that your clients will refer their friends to, and I will show you how you can do this in just a few minutes.

Now, there’s another lie and this one may be the biggest of them all.

This is the lie that your health professional education sets you up for business success.

Well, guess again, this is as wrong as wrong gets!

Let Me Ask You This

When you were studying for your future profession, how many hours of your course were spent on the subject of marketing?

I’m sure it was little or none. The truth is that without a solid knowledge of marketing you are like a deer in headlights trying to survive in business in the real world! And for most health professionals it takes years for the penny to drop – if it ever does.

Now I know you didn’t get into your profession to spend months pouring over marketing theory and yet without some knowledge or guidance your struggle to survive and prosper will be long and hard.

If You Believe This Lie, Let Me Tell You What Will Happen To You

 You will spend years and years struggling to bring in enough business just to pay the bills, without an end in sight.

There’s no way I want you to go through this any longer. I suspect that you have been doing it for long enough.

Well, just like that first nasty lie, there’s some good news. You are not to blame for falling into this trap. The real villain here is certainly not you. It’s actually your training – or should I say lack of it…Because the sad fact is that most health educators don’t know squat about marketing.

Now I’m not for a moment suggesting that your educators set out to deceive you, but marketing is simply not their area of expertise or the focus of their course.

Yet the truth is, marketing is the primary key to making your business successful. It is marketing that produces clients and income and if done correctly; happy clients who will continue to use your products and service for the long term.

Now that you know the problem – that your business is struggling due to the lies you have been told, let’s dive into the specific tips I have for you today.

These are some of the tips that people just like you have used to successfully achieve the type of business they desire and deserve.

I want you to write these powerful success tips down if you want your business to flourish.

First, you absolutely need to know about the three things you need to avoid if you want to build a profitable business and enjoy the lifestyle you always wanted.


Marketing Tip # 1   Slashing Prices

Never ever offer discounts on your core products and services. We’ve covered the reasons already.

Just don’t do it!      

And secondly, don’t fall into the common trap of “brand advertising” to “get your name known…”

The local media rep will love you and tell you how important it is to do consistently every week! But unless you have the budget of Coca Cola your money will be completely wasted.

The only way you will get a decent return on investment for your advertising dollar is by creating a very strong “call to action…”

A reason for potential clients to act right now – but creating a call to action that makes the most of your advertising dollar can be difficult.

For example: if you offer to “relieve headaches” you will be ignored by everyone that sees your ad but doesn’t have that problem. The truth is that the vast majority of people that see an ad like this will ignore it. Even your business name won’t register with them – that’s the branding fallacy again.

So you need to find a call to action that will attract a broad range of people…I’ll provide you with a killer one shortly.

Thirdly, once you have a new client “don’t let them escape” By this I mean you need to give them a compelling reason to return even if the issue they first presented with has been resolved. I have a brilliant one for you and I will share it with you in just a moment.


Marketing Tip # 2

Hands down the best and most effective marketing you can do is word of mouth.  Woman looking to her social network  - isolated over a white background

This means giving your clients a strong reason to refer family and friends. Create an offer that is exceptional. Develop a system to generate a stream of referrals. This can be from existing clients, your own staff and also from surrounding businesses.

The sources are actually pretty much endless.

Get referral cards printed(Don’t worry, I have this covered for you already)…and distribute to every client that comes in.

Reward staff and clients for each new client that they refer and make it a big deal. It can be as simple as free movie tickets for each referral.

Believe me – it’s worth the investment and is far cheaper and more effective than advertising.

Focus on cost effective referral business and you will soon be enjoying the many benefits that additional clients and cash flow provide.


Marketing Tip # 3

Here is a very important long term strategy that you need to focus on.

Build your reputation and make your business stand out in your community by finding ways of networking and showing social responsibility.           Reputation

You may choose to sponsor the local sports club, women’s club, charity, etc… But don’t shoot yourself in the foot by turning it into a branding exercise.

Instead use it as an opportunity to offer talks on health and nutrition. Give just one talk a month and community awareness of your business will expand hugely over time.

There are hundreds of groups in your area that would welcome a short and informative talk on many subjects that I’m sure you are well versed in.

There is nothing more powerful than building a long lasting relationship…  Don’t hide your knowledge.  Use it to gain credibility!  This will generate new clients that feel they know you even before they show up at your clinic.

This is a powerful way of growing your business and vastly more effective than advertising.

So, that was a lot to cover, and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused and that’s okay.  

Basically You Have Two Choices On Where You Go From Here

 Choice 1:

Take the information in this document and try to go at it alone. And who knows, you may see some success if you develop those ideas further.

Or, there’s choice 2:

The savvy choice!  - This is the quickest, easiest, and smartest way to get all the loyal, long term clients you want and deserve. Let me do the work for you – and, you know, I already have!

Why start from scratch and try to re-invent the wheel when I’ve already got the perfect tool to help you flood your office with new loyal clients, all wanting your care.

You can finally have the business success that you always desired without being continually stressed and worried about how you are going to pay your bills. This tool is responsible for doubling and tripling the incomes of many health professionals.

So if you’re ready to let go of the enormous amount of frustration, pain, endless grunt work and long spells in your business without new clients, you need to read this next part really closely.

I’m Rita Micallef, founder and CEO of MyInnerAge.

MyInnerAge is a unique tool integrated with a marketing system that will re-energize and re-ignite your business and your life. You will understand why in just a second. But first let me tell you what MyInnerAge is not.

This is not another “fad tool” that ends up on your bench doing nothing. And it is not yet another expense that does not give you a return on your investment.

                             Because It’s Time For A Solution That Works                             Without The Gimmicks

 You see it became apparent to me when I was searching the world for something that could help you get all the clients you want – and keep them  coming back over and over again, that the best way to do this is for you to prove to your clients that your treatments, services and products are really improving their health. But the only methods I found cost truckloads of cash, took too long to administer and they were much too invasive and expensive for the client.

After all; nobody wants to go through a blood test, biopsy, cardio stress test or a full physical check-up every time they visit. So what was out there didn’t measure up.

What I Needed Was A Secret Weapon

  • Something never before offered in the industry
  • Something that blew all the other options out of the water
  • The solution had to be non-invasive
  • It had to be fast

..And it had to be affordable for professionals like you.

Finally I stumbled across a world class team of biomedical engineers and researchers who for 23 years had been Secretdeveloping medical grade products for research institutions such as Stanford University and the Los Alamos national laboratory.

These doctors and medical scientists have decades of experience in biomedical hardware and software engineering. As a team they had worked on technology developed over decades by the Russian space program to detect illness before there were any symptoms.

Really useful information to have if you are about to spend millions blasting someone into space. So working with this team I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in development to create the tool that we have today.

The Result!

The Development Of The Most Powerful And Most Effective, Science Based Biological Age Testing Device That Will:

  • Have loads of new clients lining up around the block for your products and services
  • Increase client retention by as much as 327%
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors
  • Motivate your client to take immediate action
  • Give you a reason to contact all your clients and prospects
  • Provide measurable results so you can better advice and address your clients needs
  • Increase cash flow from day one
  • Make you stand out in your community          

  Once you use this tool you will wonder how you ever managed without it

Perfect Tool

So What Does MyInnerAge Do?

MyInnerAge quickly and accurately evaluates and tracks how your client’s body is aging. And using my super simple tested and proven marketing system; is a dynamic tool for filling your appointment book every single day. This tool together with specialist computer software can accurately determine and track your client’s biological age using a reliable and extensively researched bio indicator…

The MyInnerAge biological age test is non-invasive and takes only a few minutes to administer. As a healthcare professional, you know that people age at different rates. You know that some people take care of themselves by exercising regularly, eating the right foods, taking the right nutritionals and more…

You also know that most people don’t!

And you know that the biggest factor in slowing down aging is whether they take care of themselves or they do not. That’s why one person might look and be functionally much younger than another person who’s exactly the same chronological age.

MyInnerAge tests your client for their biological age, and shows them how it differs from their chronological age and how their body is aging from the inside out. Because of the general health of our population you will find that most test subjects (your clients) get an unpleasant shock when they receive their results…

Now I’ll go into more detail about how the system works in just a few moments, but . . .

             Let Me Tell You What Happened When We Actually               First Trialled The MyInnerAge System

At the time, I was working with a team helping them market a weight loss program and nutritional supplements. They were great products, with a lot of cutting edge nutritional science behind them. But we faced the same problem you do today.

It was a struggle to get people interested. Even when they tried the product and it worked for them, they typically didn’t continue using it after a month or two despite losing weight and feeling better, they didn’t want to spend the money or give up their beer and pizza lifestyle any longer.So we ran a simple marketing program offering a biological age test using MyInnerAge. The results blew our minds!

Here’s What Happened

Out of 67 people that we tested in one day – 61 (about 92%) of them had a biological age that was greater than their chronological age. Most of the clients who saw their results were horrified.

They demanded to know ways of decreasing their biological age to what it should be and many were willing to pay and do almost anything to slow down their biological age.  And those few that were doing well wanted to do better. 

Now Here’s The Amazing Part

Our product sales skyrocketed by over 400% overnight. And we found that people who started on the products after they were tested for their biological age stayed on the product 3-5 times longer than our average untested client.

And Here’s The Real Kicker

Those that were re-tested down the track showed marked improvement in their biological age – providing tangible proof that the nutritional supplements were making a real difference.

Many of these repeat testers have stayed on the products to this day (now two years and counting) and continue to request testing periodically.

The Results We Saw Were  Not A Fluke…

                          Other Health Professionals Using MyInnerAge                         Are Also Seeing Startling Results

You see clients today are more educated, want more choices and want proof that your services and products actually really work before they hand over their hard earned cash to you.

The reality is that almost anything you recommend to your clients in the way of improving their lifestyle like, lose weight, exercise, hydrate, improve nutrition, de-stress, stop smoking and get more sleep etc…Is going to improve their results when you re-test them.

Repeated testing shows how effective their lifestyle changes are and gives your clients an incentive to improve further. MyInnerAge clearly shows your clients how your products and services concretely affect their health. Something they have never seen before with any other health professional.

This completely eliminates your biggest hurdle, which is trying to make your clients understand and see how you’re helping them, and why they should listen to you. Using MyInnerAge as a complimentary adjunct to your treatment protocols will change your patient’s lives, and put more cash in your pocket on a daily basis.

And you have the chance to have this instant gratification tool in your office or clinic now for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.



I have many more success stories that I will share with you later…        

But let me first assure you of this… used intelligently it will work for your business as well and I absolutely guarantee it.

Imagine feeling the astonishing freedom that comes with having your own new client “referral” generating tool that keeps churning out new clients every single week. And don’t worry, MyInnerAge
is so easy and simple to operate that anyone can do it…

Here Is How It Works 

Step 1: Boot up the software and enter your client’s basic information

Patient Data Entry


Step 2: Explain to them that all they have to do is relax and breathe in and out six times over a period of 1 minute

Example - Healthy Data


Step 3:  Attach theMyInnerAge probe to their earlobe and perform the test


ear-clip 2










The MyInnerAge software then analyses a physiological marker called baroreflex…

Baroreflex is such a sensitive marker of overall health that the Russian space program has used it for decades to determine (among other things) whether their cosmonauts have an undiagnosed illness imminent.

What our team discovered in recent years is that the behaviour of this well researched marker is very much age related. Baroreflex declines predictably with age. Details about baroreflex and aging and supporting references are available on our website.

Research Collage

If you want to know more about “baroreflex” you can also search Google scholar for extensive scientific references.

The software compares the client’s results with a large database of healthy individuals of all ages painstakingly created by our research team of biomedical engineers and doctors…

Step 4: Get the results:

MIA Report

MyInnerAge provides your client with an 8-page report of their current condition and information on how they can improve their health and well – being… This report includes your client’s biological age vs their chronological age.

It includes the speed at which your client is aging and it also gives your clients a forecast showing how old their body will be in 5 years if they continue with their current lifestyle.


MIA View Results

This information graphically demonstrates to your client the consequences of not following your advice and motivates them to take immediate action.

After you show your clients their report, you have a unique opportunity to guide them towards better health by using your products and services and have them listen like they have never listened before.

With this simple and effective tool, you don’t need to try to convince your clients to come back for another visit. They’ll want to do it themselves, so they can measure their progress with another test, and see for themselves how your treatment plan is working.

It really does not get better than this; because MyInnerAge helps you transition your clients from corrective care to maintenance/wellness care and is guaranteed to triple the amount of clients that continue with maintenance care.

So if you are serious about helping others, showing your clients real evidence of the physiological benefits of your treatment is the most powerful tool there is. And nothing will get clients coming back more quickly…

This entire process can be completed in less than 7 minutes…

That’s all

Just 5 Simple Steps 

MIA Workflow

 Now, you might ask yourself:

“Is It Accurate?”

 MyInnerAge uses scientifically proven principles to estimate the user’s biological age and the software is built by some of the brightest minds in the biomedical industry.

MyInnerAge measures Baroreflex. This is a biofeedback mechanism designed to keep blood pressure stable and the human body adjusts it literally heartbeat by heartbeat.

The speed of adjustment declines with age and this is the basis of this test. By statistically studying large populations of healthy people the research team know what the baroreflex response should be at any given age.

The test is so extremely sensitive that the simple act of breathing 6 times is sufficient to trigger the response and get a measurement.

As baroreflex is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, it is extremely sensitive to the overall health of the body, and thus responds measurably to improved lifestyle factors.

This makes it a potent tool to encourage clients to take care of themselves under your guidance. If used in the way I suggest, this tool will transform the way you acquire new clients, sell more of your core products and services, and substantially increase your business and your profits.

The best thing is MyInnerAge is so simple and easy to use and operate, you can have it up and running in less than 15 minutes. So once you receive it you can generate instant cash flow and grow your bank balance every single day.

         Now Our Existing Clients Are Currently Charging Anything                        From $27 – $97 For The Initial Biological Age Test And                  Many Are Doing 5 Or More Tests Per Day

 I recommend a retail price of $47

Imagine this:- you do just 5 bio age tests per day @ $47 each.

That is an additional

 $235/day extra


$1,175/week extra


 $4,700/month extra

Now Could You Or Your Business Do With $4,700 Per Month In Extra Income From New Clients?

  We have many health professionals doing just that…

 However I suggest that you don’t!

I suggest that you give the tests away (or at least the first test). I believe that the most powerful function of MyInnerAge isn’t the age test itself, but as a marketing tool to get new people in the door and keep them coming back.

Let me make this very clear because this is the single most important thing to understand about this presentation:

Biological Age Testing Is Not The Most  Important Function Of MyInnerAge    

MyInnerAge Is Primarily A Marketing Tool To:

  • Acquire and retain a stream of clients
  • Increase sales of ancillary services and products
  • Create a unique point of difference with your competitors
  • Assist you to become a known presence in your community

                 This Is The Key To Transforming Your Business          Left Arrow       Right Arrow    And If You Allow My Team And Me To Guide You,    It Will Become A Reality

                      So Stop Worrying About Money And Focus                       On What Really Matters

Making a real difference to the health of your clients! You don’t have to keep watching your clients walk away, knowing that they’re gradually destroying their health through neglect.

With MyInnerAge, you don’t have to look over your appointment book every day and wish that you had a little less free time.

MyInnerAge is the gateway to you getting paid what you deserve and watching your clients happily come back again and again, knowing that their health is measurably improving under your guidance.

These are some professionals and businesses that are currently using MyInnerAge – naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, fitness trainers, spas, gyms, weight loss centres plus anyone offering health and lifestyle enhancing products and services.

It’s also a great tool for distributors of health promoting anti-aging products, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, antioxidants, etc.

“The opportunities with MyInnerAge are endless – it’s a great way to create and grow a client base and increase retention for any health and wellness business.

It’s something no one else has and it’s so easy to offer.  It’s also great to know you can make ‘instant’ cash and get rewarded for your efforts “now” rather than ‘possibly’ down the track.”

Jane – Marie Evans, a personal trainer & fitness professional for over 27 years

                                 MyInnerAge Is Your Secret Weapon                                                         To Filling Your Appointment Book Every Single Day

 So if you want to:

  • Get all the new clients you desire
  • Put an end to having your clients disappear
  • Make more money than ever before
  • Have happy satisfied clients who continuously refer                                            their family and friends
  • And have a stress free successful profitable business
  • Without sacrificing your entire lifestyle to do it….

                            Then MyInnerAge Isn’t Just A Tool For You                                                                             It Is The Only Tool For You!

Now, you may believe that a tool that can do this much for you would cost a pretty penny and in all honesty it really should, after all, this tool has helped hundreds of health professionals like you to completely transform their business and their lives quickly and painlessly.

I’ll get to the price in just a few moments.  

After all, what would you pay for a guaranteed way to?

  • Get loads of ideal new clients and re-ignite your old clients
  • Increase client retention by as much as 327%
  • Differentiate your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors

If I made it available for $7,000 it would be an incredible bargain. But today MyInnerAge is available for you right now for a price that’s going to astonish you.  

So pay close attention…

Now I’ve Shown You How MyInnerAge Can Keep Your Clients Coming Back To Check Their Progress


I’ve Told You How The MyInnerAge Software Provides An Accurate, Fast, Non-InvasiveTest


I Still Haven’t Told You The Best Part About This Tool

The Part That Gets New Clients Lining Up Around The Block 

Here it is!

You see, just like your professional qualifications, MyInnerAge is of no use to you at all unless you can get clients in front of it. In fact you’re probably wondering how you are going to market this tool and what kind of marketing materials you will need to get all those new clients…Right!

Well I’ve thought of that too…! In fact I’ve done all the work for you. My marketing system and tools are concise, streamlined and are simple to use. And everything has been meticulously planned out and tested, so it’s as easy as counting 1, 2, 3…

What you have here are detailed, specific tactics, ads and promotions that have already been tested and proven (under every situation you are likely to come up with) and all laid out for you, on a silver platter – so this means no more struggling to come up with your own ideas.

No more guessing what special event or marketing strategy will work or won’t work. No more painful waiting to see if anyone “bites” your latest expensive ad. You don’t need to re-invent anything- All the guess – work has been eliminated.

That’s right- all you have to do is follow through. It’s the easiest and simplest system you’ll ever use to make huge piles of cash and grow your business to monster profit margins.

        So Just For Reading This Presentation I’d Like To Give You         FREE OF CHARGE These Value Added Bonuses To Help You Become Super Successful

These bonuses are worth many, many times the cost of the software itself and includes my unique marketing package.


Marketing and Promotional Tools          ($2,495 Value)      More referrals

The difference between small business and big business is simply marketing.  But in saying this you also need the RIGHT TOOLS, so I am giving you FREE OF CHARGE my complete marketing package that has all the tools you will ever need to help you promote your business.

This package will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in developing them yourself.

This package includes

  • Professionally designed full color promotional printable vouchers
  • Banners and Posters that you can display in your office or clinic
  • Brochures
  • Loyalty and Special Event Vouchers to help you promote your Biological Age Testing Services
  •  Special Offer Vouchers
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads and Letters that you can send out to old clients with special offers that will flood your office with appointments

Voucher montage


Bonus # 2 

Promotional Health and Wellness Support Manual     ($1,197 value) Client retention

My unique Health and Wellness Support Manual shows you how to handle every new client from the moment they walk in the front door to the time they walk out on their first visit.

And has everything you need including information and support documents for you to give to clients to educate them on how to maintain a healthy aging speed.

Plus…Promotional Manual

  • Testing and program forms to help you sell more of your core products and services
  • Health fact sheets, complete with tips and strategies that your clients can implement into their life immediately to assist in lowering their biological age
  • Resource material that will save you hundreds hours explaining to your clients the science behind MyInnerAge and how it works

With this amazing health and wellness promotional package you never have to fear competition again – because it will help you differentiate yourself from all of your competitors and stand out in your community – which means people will want to visit you and no-one else.


Bonus # 3

The 27 Killer    LoMore Clientsw Cost – High Impact Marketing Strategies Manual    ($995 value)

My 27 Killer low cost marketing strategies manual includes 27 low cost tested and proven marketing ideas that once implemented will GUARANTEE to have clients lining up around the block begging you to take their money.

Marketing Manual

I’m into simplicity and so with everything I do, I give you the shortcuts to get you there quicker with less hassles and you don’t have to be a marketing wizard because I give you the step by step instructions to make it easy for you to implement them – which means no more restless nights worrying about what marketing strategy works and what does not work.

In fact one of my naturopathic clients implemented one simple strategy from this manual and it resulted in 23 new paying clients in just 7 days – and the cost to implement this strategy was less than $35.

My simple low cost marketing strategies work quickly and I guarantee that if you implement just a few it will totally transform your business within 90 days.

You’ll get all the marketing materials you’ll need, from the flyers to the brochures; to the free content that you can give to your clients… it’s all done for you!

All of these materials together would normally cost you more than $4,689… and it would be an incredible bargain.

When I founded MyInnerAge I set an inspiring goal to help keep more health professionals like you in business because I witnessed the enthusiasm they begin their careers with and then the pain they go through in acquiring and keeping clients.

Since then I’ve helped many health professionals do just that-stay in business and become super successful…

Imagine how much joy and peace of mind these health professionals are experiencing right now. How many more lives these health professionals have impacted. The good news is that means that today you will not be paying the retail value of the MyInnerAge and the bonuses… not even close!

So your investment today will not be $7,000…

Not even half that…

Not even a quarter of that….

Up to now I have charged

    • $2,495 for the MyInnerAge device and software
    • PLUS $997  renewal fees payable annually
    • AND $9 per test                                                                                                                                                             

And my clients have found that to be an exceptional bargain given the returns they have seen.

But I’m Going To Make You A Special Offer Just For Today

Today I’ll give you. . . 

MyInnerAge Device And Software Which Includes

  • A perpetual licence
  • Free software updates for life
  • Unlimited tests for life

$2,495 Value

Marketing and promotional tools

$2,495 Value

Promotional Health and Wellness Support Manual

$1,197 Value

The “27 killer” Low Cost-High Impact
Marketing Strategies Manual

$997 Value

Total Value :$7,184.00

So your total investment today, which includes MyInnerAge and all the bonuses you see above, is now

Only 1 Payment Of Just $997

That is just $2.73 per day for 12 months — for less than a cup of coffee per day you can get all the clients you want for LIFE


That is just $2.73 per day for 12 months – so for less than a cup of coffee per day you can get all the clients you want for LIFE!

Now you have to agree that this is a great offer – RIGHT? –

                           BUT listen – don’t decide right now.                        Take advantage of MY IRONCLAD GUARANTEE

Just $997



  • If you follow the instructions included in the marketing guide…
  • Use the pre-made marketing materials and tools…
  • Demonstrate to your clients the power and usefulness of MyInnerAge…

and you still don’t get any new clients or increase repeat business…

I’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase within 60 days… And you can keep all of the bonuses  (valued at  over $4,689)

So there is absolutely no risk in purchasing MyInnerAge

Look below this video right now – Click on the button that says “add to cart” to claim your discounted price now!

You’ll join many other MyInnerAge success stories like Ali, Anna and Wendy,

Here’s what some other health professionals have to say.


Just $997

Continue your page here…

There are many more success stories from a wide variety of professionals…but I don’t want to keep you for hours…Plus:

if you act now I will toss in this one-of-a-kind super-bonus  worth over $500

I normally charge $250 per hour for personalized individual marketing support, but if you act now… I’ll toss in

                             2 free hours of phone and email support                                  (valued at $500)

Training Voucher

with one of our MyInnerAge business specialists who will hold your hand and help increase the probability of success even more. They can listen to your unique situation and give you tips and strategies on how to speed track your success…

Call Center

That brings your total value to over $7,684

  yet today, if you act now, it’s all yours for only 1 payment of only


For a ridiculously small investment and following my strategies you can pick up 30 – 40 new clients in a just a few days, I can guarantee you that this is the greatest return on your money since starting your health business.

In fact what you are doing is investing in a sure-fire marketing system that could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more

 Remember: it’s not just a great bargain you’re getting today…

You’ll be joining arms with many other health professionals who have turned their business around quickly and easily…You’ll be a part of an ever-growing community of successful health professionals who are now living a stress free life…So if you desire a stress free life

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Your FREE 2 hours of personalized marketing support voucher with one of our professional business consultants worth $500 just for taking immediate action today!

It’s that simple!

Remember:You’ve been struggling with your business for far too long, and the pain of continuing in a state of inaction will only lead to more despair and continued frustration. Yet, all of this can change the moment you begin applying the quick-start strategies in the MyInnerAge marketing system.

Picture yourself a month from now full of hope and optimism driving to work without a single worry about the day ahead stopping in to check on your appointments browsing a book that’s filled with names.

For once, not worrying about money or whether there is new business coming in.

Just letting yourself enjoy your work and basking in acknowledgment as people actually see that you’re helping them.

No sitting in your office with nothing to do for the day…No disappointments as you watch yet another client walk out – never to return. You can say goodbye to these things forever…And just focus on what you wanted to do all along…helping  people!

However, today marks your day to take responsibility… To take the action necessary to put an end to the worry, and begin anew with a tool and system that simply works!

The reason you are probably here right now is because the other complicated solutions you’ve tried required you to be good at marketing and selling to get traffic to your business. But unlike those other complicated solutions, MyInnerAge tool and system is guaranteed to work:

Try it first for 60  days and see the results you desire or you pay absolutely nothing!

Plus you’re always a call away from an answer from our friendly support staff!

You’ve heard from everyday men and women – people just like you who have seen incredible success with the MyInnerAge system.

My team and I would love to work with you but only if it’s the right fit for both of us. I want you to be happy with your purchase of MyInnerAge so please do me a favor.

Don’t order MyInnerAge if…you are the type of health professional that is not into taking immediate action on something that will make you a lot of money…And you’re just going to let it sit in the corner…But if you are sick and tired of struggling in your business…

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Just $997


First, as you recall, I lowered the price by over half…and included over $4,689 worth of bonuses just so you can jump in now… But, eventually, I’m going to raise that price back up to where it really deserves to be… So act now before that happens!

Also, you do not want to feel left out of my super-bonus, the 2 free hours of marketing support only the first-comers will be guaranteed access to it. Everyone else will be out of luck.

And let’s not forget: – Unless you take action today, you may never take action. You may do what some people do and “put it off”… just a “few more days”… which will turn into “months”… then “years”…

So let’s make sure you get what you really want… And do the only smart thing you can do… Take advantage of this limited-time offer, while you still can… And wisely get on the right path to a sane, simple, and friendly journey to business success!



                 So here is a quick recap of what you get for less                         than a  cup of coffee per day

  •   MyInnerAge biological age testing device and software     Value $2,495
  •  Marketing and promotional tools                                              Value: $2,495
  •  Promotional Health and Wellness Support Manual                Value $1,197
  • The “27 killer” low cost marketing strategies manual             Value $997
  • 2 Free hours phone and Email support                                     Value $500

                                                                                                                                                           Total value –      $7,684




Click the “Buy Now” button below…and let’s get you started on                                    a life free from financial pain.…

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